We're increasing our fee to 3% in June 2020

06 May 2020

GerWAN has been running on the Wanchain mainnet for more than half a year. During that time we constantly tweaked and improved our setup to make it more reliable while keeping our fees at 0%. As a result of that we have never missed a reward, benefiting all our stakers who got the most from their staked WAN.

We are confident that we have found a viable setup that can fulfill the important role of a reliable validator for the Wanchain network. A setup that favours:

  • High Availability to never miss a reward period,
  • Security to ensure continuity of the validator service and
  • Low fees to maximize the rewards for our stakers

GerWAN’s popularity quickly resulted in reaching the maximum capacity of delegator stakes we can work for. To our current and past stakers: We thank you for your support during the last half year. We would not reside anywhere near the Top 10 validators without you.

In order to ensure a reliable operation as well as the potential to keep on growing we are introducing a fee of 3% at the beginning of June. The proceeds are going to be used

  • to append to our stake and grow the validator as well as
  • to cover a portion of the validator’s infrastructure cost


We acknowledge that some of you might have picked us solely for our 0% fee policy in the past. However, we believe that a fee of 3% is a very attractive option, for you and for us. We encourage you to stay with us as we intend to build a long-term relationship with our stakers.

GerWAN seeks to stay your favored choice!

If you have any questions or concerns, need help with staking or unstaking, feel free to reach out to us in our Telegram channel @AllYouCanStake or via the Email form.

All the Best You Can Stake


GerWAN has been running for more than 200 days

15 April 2020

AllYouCanStake's GerWAN joined the Wanchain network as a validator as soon as it went live in September 2019. Since then we became one of the network's favorite validators residing within the Top 10 for quite some time now.

This is due to our perfect availability score and our fees of zero percent. As a delegator you never missed a reward and you never shared any of it with us.

"Why?" you might ask. Well, we enjoy being part of the community, tinkering with technology and see where all of this leads. Our infrastructure costs are quite optimized both in terms of pure scalable cloud costs as well as the human resources part of it, while at the same time meeting the availability requirements. We'll share more about our setup in the future.

Furthermore, validator stakes get a 50% weight-bump compared to delegator stakes. Our own stake is well over 100.000 WAN and actually earns more like a 150.000 WAN delegator stake without any fees. So there's something for us in it, too. The more delegators join GerWAN, the more regular the payouts will be. This is beneficial for both delegators and the validator.

A validator can only earn rewards for its delegators up to 10 times its own stake. So if a validator has 100.000 WAN staked by itself it can take up to 1.000.000 WAN in delegator stakes. We almost reached that point of full saturation and we are grateful for the trust our delegators have given us.

Nevertheless, in order to keep this all running, we'll eventually increase the fees marginally and we'll let you know about it well in advance. Keep in mind that our maximum fee is capped at 10% by a smart contract so you'll never get less than 90% of your well-earned rewards when staking with us.

If you have any questions or concerns, need help with staking or unstaking, feel free to reach out to us in our Telegram channel @AllYouCanStake or via the Email form.

All the Best You Can Stake